You having a laugh?

Finding a comedian, host or MC for your event - Mike Constantia

What makes one person laugh can will leave another irritated.

As in music, our tastes in comedy can be very varied. Some of us will laugh at the observational humour of Michael McIntyre, Sarah Millican, Rhod Gilbert and Dara O’Briain, others will prefer the one liners of Tommy Cooper, Tim Vine and Milton Jones and there are some who would rather watch the slapstick comedy of Miranda Hart Lee Evans and Norman Wisdom.

There are some types of comedy that will make you belly laugh when you are out with your mates on a Friday night, but on mainstream TV when your children, parents or elderly aunt are in the room you find it inappropriate and turn the channel to something a little more family friendly.

Ant & Dec, Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman and Bradley Walsh are the ideal type of entertainers that are perfect for the whole family, they make us laugh and their ‘harmless’ and ‘middle of the road’ humour and amusing quips are firm favourites for early evening and Saturday night TV.

Finding the right comedy entertainment, host or Master of Ceremony (Mc) for your event can be difficult if your guests (or attendees if it is a corporate event) are from a wide range of age groups, each one with an independent funny bone. After all, no one wants to witness tumbleweed blowing around the room or anyone being offended by an ill-advised pun.

Sadly we cannot guarantee that the hosts of Britain’s Got Talent, Pointless and The Chase will be available for your event, but at Mike Constantia Artiste Entertainment we will work with you to understand your audience, listen to what you are looking for (and what you are not looking for!) to help you find the right entertainer(s) for your event.  Call us 01925 810 979 to discuss.

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