The Soundtrack to your Special Day

Soundtrack to your special day - Mike Constantia

Planning your Wedding Day takes time and a great deal of thought. The date, the venue, the dress, the bridesmaids, the best man, the spouse (!) may have already decided but how to choose the right entertainment for your Wedding reception may still need some consideration.

Here are our top tips for selecting the music entertainment for your Wedding day:

  1. Your taste – should you go for the Wedding Band that plays your favourite music, even if it might not be to the liking of your guests? We would always suggest that you remember this is your day and that you should personalise your special day as you want. However, if your choice of music is very specialist, you should consider your guests. Do they share the same style of music as you? Is it appropriate for all age groups – for example would your Great Aunt Edith still be able to catch up with relatives she hasn’t seen in a while, or what about your 8 year old nephew, will he still be able to slide along the parquet flooring on his knees when the rest of your guests are jumping around.
  2. Shortlist – when you are researching options for a music band for your Wedding, draw up a shortlist of at least three to five bands – and try not to have any favourites at this stage, just in case they are not available on your date. Check out their portfolio for examples of their playlist and many will have samples of their act in video format on YouTube.
  3. Playlist – plan in advance with your band, tell them which of their tracks you definitely want them to include and the different type of musical genres you enjoy. If you have any definite dislikes, now is the time to say what they are so you have no unpleasant surprises on the night.
  4. Your Dance – the first one of the evening is always considered to be that of the Bride and Groom (or the Bride and Bride, or Groom and Groom). Many couples will choose a song for their first dance which has special meaning to them, perhaps it reminds them of when they first met, their first date or a particularly sentimental occasion.
  5. The Finale – you’ve had a great evening celebrating your special day with your family and friends. Having an uplifting song that will get as many of your loved ones dancing and singing along with you gives a clean close to the celebrations and a lasting memory for you.

At Mike Constantia Artiste Management we have many options for Wedding Day music entertainment. These can be viewed on our website (link) or you can call us on 01925 810 979 to discuss

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