Strictly Saturdays

BBC Strictly Come DancingIn the Mike Constantia office we are all huge fans of Strictly Come Dancing and the current series is as brilliant as ever.

We’ve all got our favourites and we enjoy nothing more than a quick catch up conversation with our brews over last week’s show.  Like many Strictly Sofa fans we have opinions on how the celebrities are progressing, what the judges have said and the varying reactions of the professional dancers!

As much as we love our dose of the BBC 1 Saturday night entertainment show, it’s not always good for business with a notable drop in the numbers of people going out on the Saturday night!

There is only one solution.. let’s watch Strictly on Catch Up and get back to the pubs and clubs on Saturday nights.. we’re up for that if you are!

We’ve got some fabulous acts on our books to keep us entertained, call us today to discuss on 01925 810 979.

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