White Magic

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    “Magician and illusionist Michael White and Mongolian partner Hulan Svobodova make up White Magic. Many acts bend over backwards to please their audience, but contortionist Svobodova made you want to get out the Deep Heat rub just looking at her as she bent herself into seemingly impossible positions. As an opening to an illusion act, it was different, daring and mesmeric. Add to that the appearance of White, who certainly didn’t hang around performing the rest of the act, this was illusion of a higher calibre than many, being creative and very polished.
    A second appearance by White Magic only confirmed just how slick and impressive they are.”

    White Magic are the combination of Michael White (Magician / Illusionist) and Hulan Svobodova (contortionist) who preform a concept in illusion and contortion which is totally original and unique making them one of a kind.

    Michael White (Magician)

    Michael has performed his “White Magic Show” all over the world and works intensively on some of the most prestigious 5 and 6 star cruise lines including Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas and Holland America cruises. He has also performed all over the UK and some credits include playing the Genie in “Duggie Chapmans production of Aladdin” in Billingham (UK) with Stu Francis and Duggie Brown during Christmas 2007 (where he met his partner Hulan) and has since performed his show touring Spain,the Balearic islands where he was requested to perform on a private island (owned by a famous fashion designer) off the coast of Ibiza. Michael has worked alongside many UK comedy stars including Johnny Vegas , Ken Dodd, Julie Goodyear to name only a few.

    He has won numerous titles across the the United Kingdom including “Best Speciality Act” and various magic awards for his manipulation and close up magic. His blend of Slight of hand and Illusion is what has contributed in the success of winning these awards. Additionally, Michael has been requested by many magic societies across the globe to perform his highly original and unique C.D manipulation act on several occasions and the world original Contortionists Glass Box Illusion. These where also featured in the show “Magical Extravaganza on Ice 2011 / 2012” where Michael was the headline act in UK theatres.

    With the combination of a contortionist and magician, White Magic is taking its show where NO OTHER MAGIC ACT has ever taken their show before.

    Hulan Svobodova (Contortionist)

    Hulan Svobodova was born in Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia.

    Hulan started her career training in circus skills at the Mongolian State Circus at the age of 7. It was at this time she decided to specialize in the Art of Contortion and was taught by the most respected contortionist in the world Majigsuren who supplied to the show Cirque Du Soleil.
    She has since developed the act that has taken her all over the world including the USA, Sweden, Holland, France, Poland, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Singapore, Hungary, Korea and Japan.

    In 1999 she performed her Contortion Act in Circus Smirkus on its 3 month tour across the USA which featured the famous mime artiste Marcel Marceau. On her return home she was invited to perform before the President of Mongolia.

    On her international appearances in 2000 to 2002 she also performed her Aerial Hoop Act and during these years came 2nd place in the International Circus festival in Stockholm, Sweden and 3rd Place in Warsaw Cirkus Zalewski International circus festival.

    In 2002 she left Mongolia with her family to relocate in the Czech Republic.
    She has performed for many circus companies , including Englands most famous Blackpool Tower Circus with her stunning Marilyn Monroe routine on top of a white grand piano . She then went on to performing her contortion act as the part of the Princess Hand Maiden Aladdin at the Albert Halls, Bolton and also in Billingham before she performed as part of the White Magic show in Spain, UK Theatres, Extravaganza on Ice tour and on some of the most prestigious cruise lines for the past 8 years.


    With the combination of a contortionist and magician, White Magic is taking its show where NO OTHER MAGIC ACT has taken their show before.

    Some Clients include:

    • Celebrity Cruises
    • Oceania Cruises
    • Regent seven Seas Cruises
    • Holland America Cruises
    • Costa Cruises
    • Blackpool Tower Circus
    • Sol Hotels
    • Global Hotels
    • Ibieo Hotels
    • Barcelo Hotels
    • Haven Holidays
    • Butlins
    • Pontins
    • BMW
    • Circus of Horrors.
  • Reviews / Testimonials

    "I had the pleasure of working with White Magic for several weeks on Celebrity Cruises. I have seen over a 100 magicians on ships and living in Las Vegas, but they really stand out as one of the best. Besides being a fantastic Magician in large tricks and slight of hand, they bring the unique ability of contortions in a blend that blows away the audience. Original material, great stage presence and true professionals, I would work with them anytime of the year, as they were great for all ages."

    "White Magics showis one of the best magic shows I've seen. It is so fast paced there is not a dull moment in the show. Its like a rock show. High energy. It was a pleasure to work with them"