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  • Biography

    TJ has worked all over the world, with appearances in Europe as well as South America, Canada, and USA. He has appeared on Cruise Liners and worked at both The Magic Circle in London and The Magic Castle in Hollywood. He has provided magical consultation for both Channel 4 and BBC and won international competitions including The Magic Circle Close Up Competition in 2013.


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  • Reviews / Testimonials

    "Wonderful stuff!"

    "I love that rope trick!"

    "Man you've got it!"

    "I have no idea how you did it!"

    "A very big thank you for entertaining the QI wrap party so well. We all thought your level of close up magic was first class!"

    "A real delight!"

    "It was an absolute pleasure, you were AMAZING, we are all still talking about it, just unbelievable!! I’m so glad I have a contact for you now, we’ll definitely be in touch."