The Soul Temptations

  • Biography

    Geoff Rey began his solo career performing some of Motown’s classic tracks with a mix of the sweetest sounds of classic soul music, to capture the heart; Geoff brings you the rhythms to move the soul.

    With his own blend of magical vocal tones, Geoff guides you on a journey that will either take you back through the joys of your own musical experiences, or light a fire of emotion within you that can only leave you asking for more.

    His tribute to the sounds of Soul, Motown & R&B, is dedicated in part to Geoff’s own soulful life journey, with its many twists and turns, as much as it is to the melodic sounds of these classic tracks, which engenders an authentic and soulful experience.

    Geoff has also performed in both local and national theatres with his show ‘A Tribute to the songs of Lionel Richie’.

    Geoff formed a trio with his brother ‘L.Gee’ and eldest son Anton adding to the harmonious sounds. This developed further in to Geoff Rey & Co; with Anton and a list of friends including long time friend Eve adding some sweet female vocals to the ensemble.

    Currently, they are available as the ‘The Soul Temptations Duo’ – when Geoff performs with either his Son, or his brother El.Gee. The duo is ideal for smaller venues and functions.

    Then together with his son Ethan and El.Gee, they perform as ‘The Soul Temptations’.