• Biography

    Robbie was Born in Dorset in the mid 60’s, my early career was just like anybody else’s, bouncing from job to job, food operative, salesman, car valet, and a Lab assistant. It was only in my late teens that I discovered my full potential as a vocalist. During the late seventies and early eighties I became a semi professional broadcast DJ and this gave me my lift to the stage, gaining confidence and presence.

    I first started to use my voice in a full time professional way in 1979, Performing Voice over’s, advertisements and Jingles for the BBC and other companies worldwide. However it was when I was about fourteen that I did my first commercial, and I have worked pretty much constantly since then.

    There is so much to talk about, I suppose that’s for the book. I discovered my natural talent to mimic any voice while I was a young child and with, apparently, a natural octave range of nearly 4, although it’s not that anymore, I find it “quite easy” to perform many different styles. Although if I catch a cold It’s affected dramatically.

    I became a solo performer, after numerous bands, trios and duos. I became a full time professional in 1990, without any formal stage or vocal training.

    After touring British Club land and holiday centres during the early nineties throughout the UK, I decided to move closer to my work, and relocated to Blackpool in 1997. In that year alone I received 3 vocal awards, including The Blackpool Command Award.

    I was in work constantly for the next 3 years, and in 2000 I was invited to trial cruise for P&O and Sun Cruises. In 2001 and again in 2002 I added the Embassy Regal singer of the year to my belt.

    My work in Blackpool lasted until 2001, when it became very difficult to cope with my cruise ship work, “The travelling from north to south was a nightmare.” So I made the decision to move back to my home town of Dorchester.

    I was soon working for Warner holidays. This time on the south coast, although I had worked for the Warner group for many years while I was based in the north.

    “Their venues are great and the people are fantastic.“They are a pleasure to entertain.”

    I have continued to work for P&O, for the last 13 years and although the cruise work has slowed somewhat I still maintain five or six cruises a year.

    I now live with my partner in Glossop Derbyshire, and work locally for agents all over the north west, and sometimes travel to the north east as well as continuing my cruise work.

    I have produced eight of my own albums in the time I have been professional.

  • Song list

    Cabaret set list

    There is also 10 minutes of comedy woven into this set.

    • You’re all that matters to me
    • My kind of Girl – Matt Monro
    • Somewhere – Matt Monro
    • Stone in love with you – Falsetto
    • Rule The world
    • Thunderball
    • Sky High
    • We are the world Impressions
    • Till
    • You make me feel brand new
    • Empty Chairs
    • This is the moment