New York Minute

  • Biography

    New York Minute are a duo consisting of talented musicians Wally & Paul. They perform a variety of songs from many different artists such as Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Take That and Kings Of Leon.


    Wally started his career at 18 years old as a singer in a rock band, then in a short space of time moved on to work with a country band where he also played guitar as well as sing.

    In 1981 he joined Alvin Stardust where he toured and did extensive studio and television work including top of the pops.

    His reputation as a singer and instrumentalist allowed him the opportunity to work with a number of famous artists. Frank Ifield, Ricky Valance, Slade, Edwin Starr, The Climax Blues Band, Steve Gibbons and Ten Years After. Additional credits involved working for the legendary guitar player Mr Bert Weedon in a joint role as his second guitar player and musical director.

    Wally is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, saxophone, banjo, mandolin, keyboards and bass, and has covered many different genres of music over the years to the point where his own back catalogue of songs cuts across all styles. Pop, Country, Jazz, Soul, Rock, R & B, 50s, 60s.

    An accomplished acoustic guitar player and always extending his reputation to keep up with the changing face of modern music.

    Wally is the lead vocalist and lead guitar player for New York Minute.


    Pauls musical career started at 11 years old with a beat up acoustic guitar which was played to death in his box bedroom at home. Within a year he was the proud owner of an electric guitar purchased for him from Woolworths by his parents! He was actually playing paid gigs around clubs and pubs at age 12 -13 with his first band “Marble Arch”. The priority in those days was avoiding the local education authority who had strict regulations about young performers on stage.

    In 1984 Paul joined forces with some long time musician friends and helped form a Folk Rock band called the Fastest Bat who enjoyed great success throughout the 80s running and performing at their own folk club in Birmingham. The band recorded their one and only album ‘Cold Haily Windy Night’ which received favourable reviews and air play on both BBC Radio 1 and 2. The album itself is now a collectors item and is catalogued on most rare record company listings with copies regularly being sold on ebay. Fastest Bat also appeared on BBC television’s Pebble Mill at One and the Tom O’Connor Show.

    The same year, the band won a competition to find the nation’s best new folk act and are mentioned in the Guinness Book of Who’s Who in Folk Music.

    Paul provides additional guitar and backing vocals for New York Minute.