Living Statues Project

  • Biography

    The Living Statues Project are a group of ten living statue artists from five European countries! They are united in their commitment to displaying diversity and vocation to create top quality performance projects with a unique visual impact.

    You, Me and the Others

    The “You, Me and the Others” act entertains and engages, creating a stunningly visual and unforgettable experience for an audience. Featuring a range of unique and intriguing characters, this project deceives then delights by turn, with our realistic statue presence and outstanding costumes.

    Photo of the living statues project

    You, Me and the Others










    You can book:

    • Group of 10 living statues, where each of them is presented close to each other. This performance includes individual and group interactions. (eg. suitable for any type of event)
    • Group of 10 living statues where each of them perform separately at different locations. Occasionally they meet for a group performance. (eg. spread out in a museum, shopping mall, reception area, shopping street etc.)
    • Group of 10 living statues where the group performs according to the clients specifications. (eg: during a ceremonies, speeches, special announcements, stage act, reception act. ect)

    *** when you book 10 living statues, we present a 15 minute stage production of outstanding mime art with the 10 characters. FREE!


    Photo of Anna



    The business woman

    Anna is a fierce and professional woman, always on the run, always on the phone. She often can be seen hurrying along Wall Street in New York…..but few would guess her secret – that she also likes to flirt with her clients, just a little bit. But shhhh…. her main priority is to make business deals.




    Photo of Artur Kevin

    Artur Kevin


    The part time student and archaeologist

    Artur has almost completed his degree in history and works part time for the Archaeological Institute. He enjoys science and loves to read. Sometimes he searches for new sources of information, trying to use his new phone, but he does not fully trust such new-fangled methods of research. He is both comic and tragic. He is similar to the famous Dutch comedian André van Duin not only in appearance but in personality.



    Photo of Byron Campos

    Byron Campos


    The fashion designer

    Byron comes from Portland and is a bespoke fashion designer whose clothes can be seen in some of the most chic fashion shops in New York. He loves both fashion and photography and the first thing he does when he arrives in a new place is to hit the second hand shops and buy something original. In his leisure time he loves sitting at the bar with a friend, drinking black coffee. The worst insult you give him is to call him a hipster.



    Photo of Josephine Spender

    Josephine Spender


    The French fashionista and stylist

    Josephine travels the world looking for the next trend in fashion. She can be seen in all the world’s famous fashion centres, from Milan and Lisbon to New York and Paris, shopping for her clients …but mostly for herself. She is very rich, thanks to her fashion victim clients!




    Photo of Juliette



    The visual artist

    Juliette is from Ireland. She likes to think that she belongs to the most avant-garde artistic community in Europe and is currently working on her exhibition, which is inspired by the work of such artists such as Marina Abramovic and Frida Kahlo. One day she would like to be famous just like them, but for the moment she is an impoverished artist and never has any money!



    Photo of Mimi



    The leather jewellery maker from Sofia

    She loves punk and the freedom to do as she pleases. She makes leather jewellery and accessories for fetish parties, so her house looks like a hunter’s den and is infused with the smell of different leathers. Unfortunately Mimi is allergic to the sun so has to work throughout the night. She also lives alone and has no family or friends. But she does have a pet – a huge frog! Although eccentric, she is very happy person, full of energy and inspiration.



    Photo of Pablo El Bola

    Pablo El Bola


    The talented football player

    Pablo is a very talented football player, but his parents don´t think it’s a real career. To make his parents happy he´s pretending to study engineering in a university in London, where actually he is training to enter any major football league. Originally from Spain, he loves anything to do with football ……and, of course, pretty girls!



    Photo of Rafael Santos

    Rafael Santos


    The traveller, adventurer and photographer

    Rafael comes from Portugal, is passionate about nature, adventure, learning other languages and discovering the unknown. He is a professional backpacker, who carries his camera with him at all times. He’s constantly online, sharing his interesting life and escapades.




    Photo of Zorica



    The young Slavic student of Asian Studies

    Zorica is a very curious girl, passionate about many things: books, gardening, photography, languages and all kinds of food. She secretly wishes she had been born in another historical period. Her ambition is to one day become a relationship counsellor.




    Photo of Sad



    The musician

    When not rehearsing and playing at concerts, Sad spends all his spare time taking selfies to put on social media. He is obsessive about the way he looks in them, paying meticulous attention to his clothes, hairstyle and even the background to each the picture. He is the “star” of his own creations, self absorbed and vain.







  • Reviews / Testimonials

    “what a great choice of characters, so diverse but at the same time homogeneous between themselves. A true caricature of our modern days!! I can picture this act in so many different venues! Great work!!”

    “wow! excellent idea! I wish I was passing by smile emoticon”

    “Great :) Impressive, magnificent. Congratulations. Respectable group of artists.”