• Biography

    Emily is a highly experienced performer with over 25 yrs in show business. She has won 3 awards for her singing and combines that perfectly with her skill as a ventriloquist.

    Her ventriloquist act features her singing through her puppets, including classical music, Frank Sinatra, Elvis and Country/Western, also comedy. Her comedy is gentle and suited to a family audience and she also includes a section of her show with audience participation where she invites a member of the audience to join her on stage to be her ‘puppet’.

  • Song list


    Act 1

    Entrance to Jesus Christ Superstar Overture into I Dont Know How To Love Him  (5 mins)
    O solo Mio  (4 mins)
    Think Of Me  (5 mins)
    Violin. US Medley  (5 mins)
    Vent Grandma/Grandad  (8 mins)
    Time to Say Goodbye (4 mins)
    Que Sera (3 mins)
    Vent with Gloria, Opera Diva singing Oh Mio Babbino Cara ( 6 mins)

    Act 2

    Overture for Joseph into Any Dream Will Do (5 mins)
    World in Union (4 mins)
    60’s Medley  (5 mins)
    Vent with Dog into Sinatra (6 mins)
    Violin British Med (5 mins)
    Audience Participation with Puppet Mask on volunteer ( 10 mins)
    Nessun dorma (4 mins)

  • Reviews / Testimonials

    "I am a huge classical music fan and I couldn't believe you were singing like that without moving your lips"

    "Beautiful Voice"

    "I couldn't take my eyes off you"

    "Love your puppet characters"