Elvis Tribute

  • Biography

    A top selling international Elvis Tribute and winner of the 2013-16 National Tribute Awards. Described as “The Closest to Elvis” From the look, voice to the movements on stage Mark captures the charisma and raw energy of the Young Elvis.

    “He Walks, Talks and looks like a young Elvis” BBC Radio 2

    One of the only Elvis tributes in the world to be invited to meet Priscilla Presley not just once but three times! “You guys look great… I love it” on describing our show “Its fresh and different” Priscilla

    Mark performs around the world and over the past ten years has appeared on Television, radio and in the national newspapers. Working with many of Elvis’ original band members, movie co-starts, Memphis mafia and even members of the Presley family.

    “Amazing; the best Elvis in the world” Celeste Yarnall (Elvis Co-star)

    Mark has performed as Elvis around the world including the USA, Europe and of course all around the UK including several appearances in the West End! The stage show is full of energy with a vintage look and feel, an authentic sound backed by ‘The Memphis Sons’ Marks personal band replicating Elvis’ original stage line up using replica instruments, amps and of course there look on stage really adds to the experience.

    Packed with all Elvis’ greatest hits from the early Sun studio sessions, 50’s, Hollywood years ending with the 1968 comeback. The show is a real treat for all, something for everyone…

    “Elvis is BACK!” The Stage

    All stage costumes are from the USA many made by the same people that made Elvis’ including the Gold Lame Jacket Mark wears on stage which was made to the same measurements as Elvis and used on display at Graceland!

    This is the ultimate Elvis experience; fun, full of energy and packed with all Elvis’ greatest hits!

    Not to be missed!

    Mark is available as a solo Elvis Tribute or with his backing band, extra backing singers and dancers can be provided.

    We supply posters, Artwork, advertising assistance and much more. Book Mark with us at Mike Constantia and you will not be disappointed!


  • Schedule

    Sets available: 1×45 mins | 1×60 mins | 2×45 mins

  • Reviews / Testimonials

    "You guys look great, I just love it"

    "He walks, talks and looks just like a young ELVIS"



    "Over the years since Elvis Presleys' passing, ive seen hundreds of Elvis Tributes perform here in the USA throughout Europe and the UK. For me, Knowing Elvis as i did, Mark Summers is on top of the list!

    Mark is a consummate artiste and performer. His stage presence is powerful and captivating; listening to Mark Summers is a rare treat!

    Not only does his voice capture the beauty and magic of Elvis, but, its his movements, reflecting the nuances and subtleties of Elvis I've never seen in any one else before!"

    "This Elvis Tribute has to be the sexiest Elvis ever... His stunning performance is spookily like the young Presley and his voice, movement and animal-like grace drew sharp intakes of breath from many in the audience; simply the Best Elvis Tribute i have seen!"