Duo Cyr Wheel

  • Biography

    Anna Misztela

    Anna graduated from culture studies at the University of Szczecin. She also studied Polish philology there, and the fascination with the human body and its abilities has resulted in studying physiotherapy at the College of Education and Therapy in Szczecin.

    Despite the interest in art, culture and the body-build, her true passion has always been overcoming barriers to her own body. Since childhood, sport was an integral part of her life. She was absorbed by horseback riding, jogging and skating at most. As a teenager, she discovered fitness which she included into their daily activities. At first the amateur passion turned into professional skills mainly in the field of Pilates and physical training on steps, which fascinated her the most. Since 2007 she has continued this passion, passing on her energy to others, already as a fitness instructor.

    She developed her skills by participating in various convents and training courses (including step, Pilates, dance, spinning).

Ania’s ambition and belief in the human body have resulted in the continuous challenges that she has been taking on. After a long search, she found her way not in fitness but in acrobatics. She puts her heart into the training. Perseverance, concentration and hard work have helped her to achieve her goals. She is mostly fond of the acrobatics with the use of Roue Cyr. This passion gave her a lot of energy, so that in an extremely short period of time she reached the level that allowed her to make her debut in the world-class performance – RED: A Theatrical Spectacular of Speed and Passion, a show at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. She performed there acrobatics on German Wheel and Cyr Wheel. Fascinated by the circus art, she improves her qualifications every day.

    Currently, together with Łukasz they perform mixed act with Cyr Wheel and hand to hand. Ania believes that anything is possible. Her life motto is: “Until you fight you are the winner” – with will one can do anything but you cannot give up. She ambitiously seeks to achieve her objectives. Who knows how she will surprise us yet, and on what stage we will see her?
    We take part in many different events the last big one was the New Year’s Eve Party organized by TVN television. Working under the tutelage choreographer Augustin Egurrola, Ania performed on the Cyr Wheel with the group VOLT.
    In 2014 they participate in Poland’s got Talent and go true to Final.