Cool Wave

  • Biography

    Cool Wave is Bradley Knight & Russ Stevens.

    Russ & Brad met in 1992 after Russ was commissioned to write a new musical adaptation of Beauty & The Best for the stage.
    Brad was brought in to create lyrics and a writing partnership was formed.

    As independent musicians, songwriters and performers, their careers have taken many different paths.

    Russ started out as a Musical Director for several of the country’s leading theatrical production companies while Brad had always mainly been a
    singer performing support with the likes of Sister Sledge and Jo Pasquale etc.

    After one successful writing collaboration it seemed obvious that this was a good partnership and in 1995 the pair wrote,
    produced and directed ‘Mermaid’ (A Musical Underwater Fantasy) – This premièred over the Christmas Season and went on to do a highly acclaimed tour of the UK.

    The next step was performance and in 1997 Cool Wave was formed.

    For the past 16 years Brad and Russ have worked all over the UK and abroad playing to every type of audience imaginable.
    With a wealth of performance and staging experience their show is highly professional and slick.
    With quality sound and synchronised lighting effects they are able to captivate all who watch and have received several awards over the years for their efforts.

    Cool Wave are also available for a dedicated 1 hour swing tribute to the greats including impersonations of Sammy Davis, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin etc – Great for corporate dinners, golf clubs, theatres and cruises.