The Cheatles

  • Biography

    The Cheatles have earned their stripes, entertaining as The Beatles.  Well travelled, New York, London, Paris and Rome.

    The Beatles music is indeed more than ever, the must have entertainment for the hip party, the product launch or a cool new club.  The Beatles legacy is now folklore, legendary amongst the worldwide fan base.

    No more so than in Liverpool, where The Cheatles are a mainstay. Their live performances are charged with an electrifying pulse that lights up the original songs.  Gritty renditions from the Rock & Roll songbook, performed with humour and zeal.  This is no West End make-up band, this is the real deal….



    “The devil is in the detail” says Jules who plays John, “we have a great collection of original guitars, amps and drums, all from the 1960’s. It quite a task, the upkeep, vintage valve amps. We thought about going modern with certain pieces of gear but the sound is not the same. I have the small black Rickenbacker, an iconic guitar. This one of mine was owned by one of The Bangles… The Beatles really but spelt differently!”


    The quiet one……..

    So much of The Beatles sound was George Harrison’s guitar style.  A lot of influence from the country guitar legend Chet Atkins, George even played the Chet signature model guitar through all of the first three albums and early tours.  Young players now look to George for inspiration and the cycle of influence takes another turn.


    Suits you sir………..

    “We love the suits” says Paul who plays Paul…….. “i mean i would wear one to a wedding, so cool”.

    The Beatles created the 60’s look, a polo neck sweater, the fringe hair, the velvet collar jacket.

    “Our suits are made to measure now but in the early days you could get these fab jackets and knitted ties from the secondhand shops. We had this tailor in Hong Kong showing us his quality suit cloth from the north of England, we said “we know that Mr Chan we live there….’


    “Ringo was left handed really but played right handed, i have had to learn to sweep the cymbals just like he did. It works, a nod of the head from side to side……but its more than that”.

    Ringo was the heartbeat of The Beatles. An unconventional drum technique but one which had its own sound and feel.

    “He sat quite high on the stool, its the look, you can tell its him, even from a silhouette.  Fans always want photos with the drum kit, everyone wants to sit on that drum stool, its a Beatle fan magnet”.

  • Reviews / Testimonials

    “Our band of choice when the 3 Cunard Queens, Mary, Victoria and Elizabeth docked in Liverpool”

    "A delight to have in our establishment, a little piece of England for the night"

    “We called the boys up to open the Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool”

    “A charming group of gents”

    "Just like The Beatles"