A-Z listings of all our acts and artistes in one easy place.

# 0-9
529Duos / Trios
80's Are BackFunction & Party Bands
A KayMale Vocals
A Night At The MoviesTribute Artistes / Bands
ABBA 2 NiteDuos / Trios
Abba Fever (Abba tribute)Tribute Artistes / Bands
ABBA SALUTETribute Artistes / Bands
ABBASOLUTELY LIVE (Abba tribute)Tribute Artistes / Bands
Absolute DivasDuos / Trios
Absolute Divas TributeCabaret Entertainers
Adele TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
Alex MichaelMagicians / Illusionists
AllessandriaBackground Music
Andrew GreenMagicians / Illusionists
Andy BMale Vocals
AnitaBackground Music
Annie Lennox TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
Audley AndersonSolo Singers
Austin KnightComedy Entertainment
Austin Live SoundFunction & Party Bands
BACK to THE 80sDuos / Trios
BeatlemaniaTribute Artistes / Bands
BEEYONCETribute Artistes / Bands
BELLASwing / Jazz / Blues
Billy (Tom Jones tribute)Tribute Artistes / Bands
Boogie BootsFunction & Party Bands
Boogie Classics BandFunction & Party Bands
Britney Spears TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
Broadband LiveFunction & Party Bands
Bruno Mars TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
BUZCabaret Entertainers
CaineMale Vocals
Caitlen BaileySolo Singers
Carolynn MayCabaret Entertainers
CharlotteFemale Vocals
Cher TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
Chris LloydSolo Singers
City FolkFunction & Party Bands
CK 2Duos / Trios
ClareCabaret Entertainers
Clark & PaigeDuos / Trios
ClassiqueFunction & Party Bands
Connor O NeilSolo Singers
Cool WaveDuos / Trios
Craig ElliotMale Vocals
DalyaFemale Vocals
Dancing with AngelsCabaret Entertainers
DaniFemale Vocals
DanielSolo Singers
David AshleyMale Vocals
David Bowie & Glam Rock ShowTribute Artistes / Bands
David MarshallMale Vocals
Dean AlexanderSolo Singers
Deano (Phil Collins tribute)Tribute Artistes / Bands
DeliseDuos / Trios
DEUSADuos / Trios
DiasporaFunction & Party Bands
Disco FactorDuos / Trios
Disco FreakFunction & Party Bands
Drew CameronComedy Entertainment
Duo Cyr WheelSpeciality Performers
EgoFunction & Party Bands
ElbowroomFunction & Party Bands
Electric FlutesBackground Music
ElenaCircus Performers
ElliFemale Vocals
Elton John TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
Elvis TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
EmilySpeciality Performers
EvaClassical Music
FascinationFunction & Party Bands
Fiesta LatinaFunction & Party Bands
FinaleDuos / Trios
FionaFemale Vocals
Flame Oz Fire ShowSpeciality Performers
Forever (The Abba tribute)Cabaret Entertainers
Frankie Valli TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
Freddie MensahSolo Singers
GazMale Vocals
GemmaFemale Vocals
George Michael TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
GeorgieFemale Vocals
Good MixerFunction & Party Bands
Groovin EssentialsFunction & Party Bands
Groovy RevolutionFunction & Party Bands
Hairbrush tributeTribute Artistes / Bands
HarrisonMale Vocals
HayleyFemale Vocals
Hayley JSolo Singers
HelenFemale Vocals
Helix And The HoundsFunction & Party Bands
IncahootsDuos / Trios
Jack RyanComedy Entertainment
JasonCabaret Entertainers
Jelly HammerFunction & Party Bands
Jem BrentSolo Singers
JenniferCabaret Entertainers
Jennifer (Rouge show)Cabaret Entertainers
JennyCabaret Entertainers
JessieCabaret Entertainers
JJ WildMale Vocals
Johnny De NiroDJ / Disco / Karaoke
Johnny MComedy Entertainment
Jon MosesClassical Music
JoshMale Vocals
Julie GoldFemale Vocals
Karen Carpenter TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
KatieBackground Music
Katy Perry TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
Kearra BethanyFemale Vocals
Kelly Clarkson TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
Kerri (Candyland)Female Vocals
Kiki deVilleFemale Vocals
KimmClassical Music
La Diva RossoClassical Music
Lady Gaga TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
LareenaCabaret Entertainers
Legends of SoundFunction & Party Bands
LeoCabaret Entertainers
LICENSED to THRILLFunction & Party Bands
Little EagleDuos / Trios
Living StatuesCircus Performers
Living Statues ProjectCircus Performers
Lost In MusicFunction & Party Bands
LovelaceFunction & Party Bands
Lucy-EmmaFemale Vocals
M J MorganSolo Singers
Magic MattCabaret Entertainers
Mariah Carey TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
MATTMale Vocals
MatthewCabaret Entertainers
Mayhem BandFunction & Party Bands
Midnight ExpressFunction & Party Bands
MikeMale Vocals
Mike PalmerMale Vocals
MOTORSOULFunction & Party Bands
MPR Jazz EnsembleFunction & Party Bands
Mr Soul ManMale Vocals
MusicologyFunction & Party Bands
MyMyTribute Artistes / Bands
NANARAMAFemale Vocals
Natalie McGrathSolo Singers
Natasha BatesFemale Vocals
NathanCabaret Entertainers
New York MinuteCabaret Entertainers
Noughty 90sFunction & Party Bands
OyanaSolo Singers
Paul PMale Vocals
Paul SuttonMale Vocals
Peter CutlerSolo Singers
Phil LyonsFunction & Party Bands
Pink TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
PJCabaret Entertainers
Pure Magic (Queen tribute)Tribute Artistes / Bands
Quay ChangeFunction & Party Bands
Rat Pack Swingin’ At The SandsTribute Artistes / Bands
Real BeesFunction & Party Bands
Red Mick (Simply Red tribute)Tribute Artistes / Bands
Red PineappleFunction & Party Bands
RobbieCabaret Entertainers
Robert ScottMale Vocals
RollacoasterFunction & Party Bands
Rory Duffy Jazz QuartetFunction & Party Bands
Rox ElectraFunction & Party Bands
Screaming BeaversFunction & Party Bands
SharnFemale Vocals
Shaun McCreeMagicians / Illusionists
Soul JamDuos / Trios
Stevie Wonder TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
Stuart (Neil Diamond tribute)Tribute Artistes / Bands
SuperbeatFunction & Party Bands
Supreme DreamDuos / Trios
Suzanne Mott QuartetFunction & Party Bands
SWEETEXDuos / Trios
Swing ShiftFunction & Party Bands
T-KayMale Vocals
Take That TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
Take This (Take That tribute)Tribute Artistes / Bands
Taylor Swift TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
Tea Rock Party BandFunction & Party Bands
The Bag RockersFunction & Party Bands
The Big ShotFunction & Party Bands
The Boogie BellesDuos / Trios
The Breakfast Club BandFunction & Party Bands
The CheatlesMale Vocals
The GiftedFunction & Party Bands
The HumbuckersDuos / Trios
The JAZZ SPIVSSpeciality
The KasualsFunction & Party Bands
The Modern VintageFunction & Party Bands
The Roving ArtistSpeciality Performers
The Sway Allstar OrchestraFunction & Party Bands
The TalentFunction & Party Bands
The TASK bandFunction & Party Bands
The Tony James BandFunction & Party Bands
The Vegas ShowgirlsSpeciality Performers
The Vernon SistersClassical Music
Tina Turner TributeTribute Artistes / Bands
TJComedy Entertainment
Tom BBackground Music
Tom CollinsCabaret Entertainers
Twice Nightly / ReflexFunction & Party Bands
U - Two (U2 tribute)Tribute Artistes / Bands
URBAN CLASSFunction & Party Bands
Urban Soul OrchestraFunction & Party Bands
Vicky JonesFemale Vocals
Vince HughesCabaret Entertainers
Vintage SwingDuos / Trios
VisionzDuos / Trios
Viva la DivaDuos / Trios
Viva VoceTribute Artistes / Bands
Walk Like A ManTribute Artistes / Bands
Walk The LineTribute Artistes / Bands
WaterfrontFunction & Party Bands
Wayne AllenCabaret Entertainers
Wild BoysFunction & Party Bands
WONDERLANDFunction & Party Bands